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Alexandra Hila

Alexandra Hila - Antiu

Attorney at Law | Managing Partner

Founding lawyer of the Hila Legal Law Firm, Alexandra believes in the partnership between lawyer and client, for the construction of successful businesses and solid and lasting solutions.

She has a long experience in managing complex business law cases, persevering in obtaining the best solutions.

Leads the law firm with the desire to change the mentality of the lawyer in the business market, to contribute to a healthy and stable economic circuit, by providing legal support for prevention, in contrast to the "crisis" legal services that companies use only in extreme situations.

She also successfully represents the clients natural persons in civil law disputes, family law and labor law, coordinating the activity of the office in accordance with the principles that guide its activity: professionalism, innovation, excellence.


Ema Patrascu

Ema Pătrașcu

Associate Attorney

Ema joined the team, contributing significant experience in litigation and legal advice in the areas of tax law, criminal law and land law.

She stands out by the attention she pays to every detail of the cases and by her total involvement in the client's case, offering, in addition to solid legal knowledge, a personal touch in her activity.

Romana Bantas

Romana Bantaș

Associate Attorney | Insolvency Practitioner

Romana adaugă echipei un plus de valoare prin experiența vastă în domeniul insolvenței, îmbinând cu succes cele două profesii în obținerea de soluții complete și inovative pentru clienții pe care îi reprezintă.


Mihaela Ignia

Mihaela Ignia

Chartered Accountant

Mihaela puts accounting expertise at the service of clients, completing the range of our services with financial-accounting consulting at the highest degree of professionalism. 

Through Mihaela's contribution, clients benefit from all the services necessary for a solid and successful business, through a team of professionals with complementary expertise.